Saving a horse's life one ride at a time!

About Risky Business

Since I have already saved Risky, this blog will be about me and my passion for horses. There should a new post every 1-2 weeks. I would also like it you all donated some money (by hitting the donate button) So that I coul lease a horse. Check my blog weekly, please comment as well.



You can still donate money so I can lease a horse. I would be very grateful if I could lease one of the very great horse at my riding facility.

Good Luck Risky!!! Take Care!

Good Luck Risky. I just want you to know that I will love you no matter what. I hope the $95 was enough to get you started on a good and healthy life. Take care!

Since I no longer need to raise money for Risky this blog will be just about horses. I hope we saved Risky.

Leasing a horse.

I want to lease a horse with the facility I take lessons with. Since my lesson program ends on the 24th this month I wanted to keep riding. My parents said I could but, it is $175 per month. I am not asking for that much but if you want to donate some so I can keep riding please do. Suzanne Cannon won the prize from the Risky thing.


I will be able to lease Risky,


I will lease Eli. (Forget the writing on the pic)

Iphone app

I have an app called risky business. If you want it call my mom at 425-870-2434 or email her at, you can also text. It is only for people with iphones and possibly ipads. It is very complicated to get so ask my mom how to get it. Thanks!!!